St. John’s College tops the list of colleges and universities whose graduates earn PhDs in humanities

Annapolis, MD. (PRWEB) December 12, 2012

St. Johns College is among the top 20 liberal arts and research universities whose undergraduates completed doctorates in the United States according to a survey of all PhD earners in the United States conducted by The National Science Foundation. St. Johns College ranks at the top among more than 1,200 institutions whose undergraduates earned doctorates in the humanities.

Of the top 20 institutions whose graduates earned doctorates, more than half are liberal arts colleges. Among the institutions in the top 20 are: Harvard, Oberlin, Princeton, Reed, Williams, Pomona, Carleton, MIT, University of Chicago, and St. Johns College. St. Johns College in Annapolis ranks 19 among 1,547 institutions. In the category of humanities, St. Johns College in Annapolis is first among the 1,248 institutions that produced bachelors degree recipients who then earned a doctorate in the United States. St. Johns College, in Santa Fe, N.M., is ninth on this same list.

The survey underscores the enduring value and relevance of a liberal arts education, St. Johns graduates have a reputation for high achievement because they have developed their intellectual and imaginative capacities to an unusually high level; they pursue a wide range of career paths medicine, health, law, computer science, mathematics, business, education, journalism, says Christopher Nelson, president, St. Johns College, Annapolis.

It does not surprise me that St. Johns graduates would rank first in doctoral completions in the humanities. These studies require experience and skill in oral and written communication, practice in the analytical arts, and a passion for working and learning cooperatively with others.

The Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium compiled these lists of institutions; HEDS used data from the results of The National Science Foundations Survey of Earned Doctorates ( that spans 2001-2010 and includes 1,547 institutions in the U.S. to compile this institutional ranking. The doctoral recipients who completed the NSF survey number 275,598 between 2001 and 2010.

The NSF collects and compiles data annually on the Baccalaureate origins of each student who earns a doctorate through the Survey of Earned Doctorates. The NSF survey includes all institutions in the U.S.; the data is available to the public (through NSF WebCASPAR). HEDS compiled the data and ranked institutions. HEDS was created in 1983 as a joint venture of Tufts University, EDUCOM, and participating colleges and universities.

St. Johns College, a co-ed four-year liberal arts college with campuses in Annapolis, Md. and Santa Fe, N.M., offers small discussion-based classes and a distinctive curriculum based on the foundational texts of the Western tradition. The college also offers graduate-level programs based on these same principles. St. Johns has no religious affiliation and is the third oldest college in the country.

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