St. Louis Region Broker/Admin ONLY LeadStreet Training

St. Louis Region Broker/Admin ONLY LeadStreet Training
Event on 2014-09-11 13:00:00

Broker/Admin Training ONLY

Location: SLAR

Date: Sept. 11   Time: 1pm to 4pm

This is a hands on training session. 

*Laptop or Tablet is required for training, Laptop is suggested*

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How to Make LeadStreet work for you and your agents.

Broker/Admin ONLY LeadStreet Training• Overview: Configure Mainstreet Profile and Recruiting tools• Overview: Leads generated on• Overview: Configure LeadStreet Profile• Overview: Importing Contacts, Domain Names• Overview: Configure Design Center Profile• How To Manage LeadStreet: We will use this document and 

Your Instructor: David Teefy Senior Manager Technology Training

As one of the founding fathers of Comstock Net Services (1994 to 2001) which has been described as the real estate industry first online lead management and generation system.  David’s career spans nearly 20 years in the eCommerce industry with 90% of that time devoted to online business development related for RE/MAX brokers and associates.  David was asked to headup the New LeadStreet development for Dennis Curtin’s regions in 2005 as the Regional LeadStreet Director and soon advanced to Chief Technology Officer. As a dedicated eCommerce and eMarketing expert, David oversees online strategies, training, marketing materials, and search engine optimization efforts.  He also assists, supports and trains RE/MAX Associates on virtually every technology developed through the region and RE/MAX LLC.  He’s a valued member of the RE/MAX Technology Advisory Group and has also appeared on RE/MAX University as a featured trainer. 


His expertise, extensive technology background and commitment to provide the RE/MAX membership the very best in service drive his passion for success.

at St. Louis Association of REALTORS
12777 Olive Blvd.
Saint Louis, United States

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