Staind – “So Far Away” (Acoustic in Yahoo Studios)

Staind -

Staind performing “So Far Away” live @ Yahoo Studios
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Staind – “So Far Away” (Acoustic in Yahoo Studios)

  1. miler621606 says:

    This is why Aaron Lewis is one of the better vocalists out there today, he sings beautifully but with so much emotion, you can feel everything he’s singing. He’s amazing!

  2. noyorriesvatos says:

    Gay fagz a & w disaster recoverys gay

  3. toryroney says:

    His voice is so beautiful that it gives me chills

  4. Dunkacccino says:

    i dont care. go kill yourself

  5. GanjikaAranyaka says:

    m sick of always hearing about how “great” Kurt Cobain was.. I bought all of Nirvana’s albums when I was 13-14..I got bored with their sound within that same year so I started listening to Alice in Chains and to this day Im still in awe over Layne’s vocal style…Aaron Lewis definetly sound way more like him than Kurt

  6. TheMrplayitsafe says:

    dunkaccino. why after a dunkin donuts drink? i’m an employee of theirs and i’m disappointed

  7. Dunkacccino says:

    1) it’s Aaron 2) KYS

  8. ASSAULTm0nst3r says:

    Kurt Cobain isnt even in the same confernce as Aron Lewis..

  9. outdoorgirlgg says:

    let me know u r there

  10. outdoorgirlgg says:

    you must send a message

  11. outdoorgirlgg says:

    so far away, are you still there

  12. Sandra Müller says:

    ich habe dieses lied seit einem halbe jahr am handy ud hab erst jetzt erfahren wie es heißt.. und ich liebe es *-*

  13. lishaSanx3 says:

    Vry good ^^

  14. enjoiRASTAsk8er4 says:

    Damn this guy is good

  15. gruntspy44 says:

    except cobain sucked

  16. erichoward15 says:

    I disagree with your order…=)

  17. theendlessrotation says:

    I love Nirvana there my favorite but still Aaron lewis is better cmon There my top two favorites

  18. theendlessrotation says:

    @Micheal Olson kurt cobain shot himself with a double barrel.. and Staind is better no doubt but nirvana made much more of an impact

  19. papadop17 says:

    aaron lewis is just a good musician when hes able to sing any acroustic song to country music…now compare him to someone who can do the same…?no one

  20. papadop17 says:

    they deserve alot more attention for sure one f the best bands….ever

  21. Fredi Bott says:

    1:21 feel like I can face the dick 😀

  22. melissaposthumus29 says:

    Awesome ! Like it!

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