Stand Up and Cheer, but Hit 'Pause' First

Stand Up and Cheer, but Hit 'Pause' First
Now, some arenas like Barclays are adding a complementary strategy: “You are trying to replicate that experience you would have on your couch,” Mr. Foley says. … Many colleges now promote online courses over in-person lectures. … One product …
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'Zombies' infest Yale social network account
That's "zombies" as in "zombie followers" on Sina Weibo — the hugely popular "weibo," or microblogging, site that's roughly akin to Twitter and has attracted more than 500 million followers since debuting in 2009. A common feature on … But Yale also …
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Social Media ROI – How to Achieve: Fans & Followers on Social Networks
A very effective tool to promote your website are web widgets, such as Facebook “Like” buttons that are placed on your website. When a fan clicks on “Like”, this action will be reported back to Facebook. Every time a visitor clicks the “Like“ button …
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