Standard Digital ranked top visited site by Internet users

Standard Digital ranked top visited site by Internet users
The Standard Group recently revamped its online portal, a move that has in the recent months seen the website become one of the top-most visited local website by Kenyans and at times being the most viewed website in the country. …
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Most popular page visited after arriving at War of 1812 website? The exit
A deeper look at which pages were visited the most during a slightly broader period revealed — perhaps not surprisingly — the site's English and French home pages as the most popular. The English home page registered 83,458 visits between July 22 and …
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Amazon Was MostVisited Ecommerce Site in December
Online retailers were visited by nine out of 10 U.S. Web users in December, according to comScore, which lists Amazon, Apple and eBay as the top ecommerce destinations during the month. comScore reports that holiday shoppers “bombarded the Web” in …
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