Standing Out from the Crowd Essential When Creating a Personal Brand, Find the Edge Expert Says

Manchester (PRWEB UK) 29 May 2013

Offering something different to the crowd is essential when looking to win new business and generate new opportunities, personal branding expert Jennifer Holloway has said in a new Find the Edge article.

In the post, which was published today on the site, she discusses why flying under the radar is rarely a good idea, and how anyone can start to create their own personal brand immediately.

She said: ‘People buy people – If youre just a face in the crowd, you make it harder for them to spot you and, better still, buy into you.

‘The trick is to promote your brand with language that fires up peoples synapses, instead of sending them to sleep.

‘For instance, ‘motivated, ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’ are amongst the most frequently used words on LinkedIn. How many words like these do you use?’

Holloway says that using bland, empty words like those can cause individuals to blend in all too easily, and by doing something different, it’s easier to make ripples.

She said: ‘Alternatively, why not look for words that are more precise in their description of your brand? Words that will sound more engaging when they hit peoples ears?

‘For instance, instead of just saying youre approachable, why not say youre cordial, courteous, big-hearted or gallant?’

The article can be viewed in full here:

Jennifer Holloway is a personal branding expert, author, and business owner. More about her can be found here:

Kenny Goodman, founder of Find the Edge, said: “Standing out is the best way to get your brand out there, and noticed by all the right people.

“Jennifer has a great deal of experience in developing personal brands, and I always look forward to reading her posts on Find the Edge.”

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