STAR TREK Universal Translator – FOR REAL

STAR TREK Universal Translator - FOR REAL

01:28 – The Siri Watch A new concept would put a Bluetooth connection to your iPhone in a watch to allow you to speak into it for Siri operations. http://mas…
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11 Responses to STAR TREK Universal Translator – FOR REAL

  1. juki0h says:

    i thought of this universal translator tens years ago before i even knew anything about star trek

  2. TheJoeyzxc says:

    I came here only for the universal translator. I love that people put shows on Youtube. It really makes finding shit difficult.

  3. TwisteriumMusic says:

    Hi. You can find good background music at my channel. (And the girl is really nice! )))

  4. trekker4747 says:

    I want to see more of this chick.

  5. GeegleMale says:

    Gummy bears… Is… PEOPLE!!!

  6. stuber642 says:

    I want to see an even faster translator with a smaller form factor. I’m thinking of the one from “The Last Starfighter” here.

  7. chris maldonado says:

    What if the cloud dehydrates

  8. erocicTheGreat says:

    I don’t think it is supposed to be edible deodorant, but a perfume. I would use it if there was a cologne version and it smelled good.

  9. Dallas Janssen says:

    I like her shirt, it is nice for the season. :)

  10. Phil K says:

    i’ll pass on the edible deodorant and the human gelatin… rest of was cool

  11. lionnsful says:

    i am not impressed with that shirt… maybe that is why i don’t like fall and winter.. the clothing for these season is so unattractive.

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