Star Trek vs. Star Wars

What would happen if the starship Enterprise encountered the Death Star? Watch to find out…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to Star Trek vs. Star Wars

  1. officall GEILHEIT says:

    lol geiles Video !;)

  2. Zach Kielty says:

    Typical Trekkies. Running. Running.

  3. jagoggin13 says:

    very diplomatic ending.

  4. thunderbolt3257 says:


  5. ZanderG89 says:

    Not bad for a video from 2006… I can’t wait to see an updated/refined version :) 9/10

  6. ElVicable says:

    I’ll watch these for sure great script 😉

  7. Frau Applebloom says:

    star trek and star wars both destroy each other in the process. battlestar galactica lives

  8. christopher david says:

    star trek all day

  9. TheMjsanty says:

    This is Great!

  10. SelphieTheNutter says:

    lol loved the video

  11. phanaticgren says:

    Personally, I like both Star Wars and Star Trek so this was very fun to watch!

  12. rigaudien says:

    0:24 : Am I dreaming or they chose on purpose someone who looks like a younger James Kirk ?

  13. cloneboy998 says:

    star wars rocks i think star trek is a bit boring. may the force be with you.

  14. Tusken Raider says:


  15. nickviz7 says:

    Season 3 Episode 25 Transfigurations for the choke out

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