Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Review (Part 1 of 7) – Finally it’s here! The truly epic review/critique/analysis/film making educational video of the 1999 film “Star Wars: The Pha…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Review (Part 1 of 7)

  1. Henry he says:

    i’m 18 and fuking hate the star wars 1-3

  2. 33jedi says:

    Look at Luke, in movie 4 he was a whiny farmboy, in 5 he was doubtful of the Force’s power, and in 6 he was finaly there. According to this let’s just look at the first movie. Luke only had the death star part, like Anakin had in episode 1. So Anakin in episode 1 should be viewed the same as Luke in episode 4. Characters are one thing but the story is most important and of it’s self it was about redeemtion, as Lucas once said, “I based the series off of War tactics Christianity and Buddism.”

  3. KrisM1998 says:

    I am under 20 and I like Empire and Jedi equally I mean cmon man its as if every other generation thinks we are fuckin stupid.

  4. nolan winter says:

    No, It proves how bad the Prequels are. They ruined Star Wars.

  5. Damon Cassada says:

    This video just proves how ridiculous criticisms of the prequel trilogy can be.

  6. Anthony Barratt says:

    I did watched it and to be fair Its popcorn entertainment and your an idiot

  7. HyperGolem says:

    Point is that you can’t make any of those conclusions about Qui-Gon by Phantom Menace. Stop looking at other sources that were made later. If a movie or a character requires more books or films in order to be good then the movie/character has failed.

  8. 33jedi says:

    Who said that and what do you mean? I was simply posting what I thought about Qui-Gon considering he was the first to become immortal in the Force making him wise and powerful. He was laid back, “But Master Yoda said to be mindful of the furture. (Yes but not at the expence of the moment.)” yet he was their for his friends like when he faught Maul off to stop him from getting away until Obi-Wan could assist. The rest of it was his converstaion with Yoda. So please explain your point.

  9. TheREALforeverone says:

    You must be one the fucking idiots he talks about from 0:27 to 0:50. :D

  10. yescharliesurfs says:

    I watched a good two minutes before I realised.

  11. tammflammm1313 says:

    ‘I hate this video. It ‘s stupid

  12. TheJohnMackintosh says:

    D: hahahahaha XD

  13. JWincorporated says:

    So you went on an adventure to find some loser troll and all you could think about was me? Get off my jock fruitloop.

  14. TheJohnMackintosh says:

    “See there are a lot of plot holes and things that people complain about in the prequels but no one complains about the ones in the original trilogy. Why do storm troopers wear useless armor that ewok arrows can pierce? Why use an illogical walking tank that trips easily? Why was there a hole in the first death star that destroys it entirely? a spy could infiltrate that and blow it up with a time detonation.” – Jim Warner

  15. TheJohnMackintosh says:

    Well, hey guess what?, I just went on a little comment adventure to find out who KingArtilart is. Judging by this assumption and your username im going to assume you are infact Jim Warner. Also you deleted all your old comments, whats that about?

  16. Ben Boatman says:

    Every year I wach this video

  17. mratliff13 says:

    Just had a plate of pizza rolls. Every pizza roll was so dense and had so much going on.

  18. ajb8487 says:

    It wasn’t until I started watching HiTB until I realized that Jay was in the video!

  19. StupidMarioBros1Fan says:

    He said in one of the vids, I forget which, that it’s all about the movies and not the books or videogames. I see this information in the Jedi Apprentice books by Jude Watson, but not in Episode 1.

  20. Travis Cleveland says:

    The problem with your explanation is that it is forced. Qui-gon does not exhibit any of these traits in any reasonable measure.

  21. George Lucas says:

    I said watching the video, not click on the video. No dice, not buying it. After you saw what it was you watched it and made 4 comments on it. I love normal fans, but not Star Wars fans, they are total losers. I already did make a video, in fact I made 4 if you count Indy and the crystal dildo. You are a liar, you said the prequels made perfect sense, which is impossible. I already accepted defeat. No matter how shitty I made my movies, you morons still praised my name, so I sold out to Disney.

  22. RaizenToguro says:

    The new movies need to be about Cade Skywalker or else I can’t see them being any good or interesting.

  23. 33jedi says:

    1: The title is “Starwars: The Phantom Menace Review: part 1 of 7″ Thus I did not know what the review would be. 2: Why else go onto national tv with an interview if you don’t want to be seen or known about on a deeper level by your fans? 3: Let’s just prove this to everyone right here right now. George Lucas has more money than he knows to do with, so make a video of yourself and tell your fans how much you hate them and make me a liar, otherwise just sit down accept defeat.

  24. JWincorporated says:

    By “everyone” do you mean 20 or so dumbass kids who automatically equate “jedi” with “wisdom?” It’s funny to laugh at how clueless and stupid they are.

  25. TheJohnMackintosh says:

    well said

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