Starlet SEO Introduces Monthly Link Building

Delhi, India (PRWEB) February 12, 2013

Starlet SEO, a fast-growing SEO firm, recently introduced a new service for monthly link building. This particular service focuses on regular link authority building in order to meet three objectives. The first of these objectives is to increase link authority of existing back links and the second one is to increase the page rank of the client website through continuous development of back link authority. Finally, the company plans on maintaining this strong online presence of its clients.

With this monthly link building service, each client gets a completely new SEO strategy according to the level of search engine optimization done previously and the budget. The companys team of SEO experts looks into various details of the clients previous SEO strategies. The information that is collected includes the keywords that have been targeted before for search engine optimization, the level of on-page optimization performed, and the back links that have been created in the past. With this information, the Starlet SEO team is able to develop a monthly link building plan.

Once the plan has been created and approved by the client, the Starlet SEO team begins to implement it. Monthly link building modules may be kept according to the search engine results page rank of the site and the status of older back links. The monthly link building plan will be designed to integrate with other older optimization strategies as well.

Rather than focusing on building more links, the monthly link building plan of Starlet SEO focuses more on increasing the authority of links that already exist. This approach toward search engine optimization was explained by Starlet SEO spokesperson Smith S., who said, Most people believe that search engine optimization does not have to be done regularly, but the truth is the complete opposite. You need to continuously optimize your website in order to improve your online presence or at least maintain your current search engine results page ranking. Our monthly link building service offers this continuous search engine optimization strategy that lets our clients develop a strong ranking for their website.

Starlet SEO has a team of certified and experience content writers who work on developing content for the monthly link building service. Quality content is regularly developed in order to develop a strong online brand image and improve the quality of links that are added to it.

About Starlet SEO

Starlet SEO is a rapidly growing and popular SEO company that develops several search engine optimization strategies. The company is known for offering highly innovative SEO programs that give clients an edge over their competitors that use a standard approach to SEO.

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