Starlet SEO Launches New Monthly SEO Program

Delhi, India (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

The popular SEO firm Starlet SEO offers a number of unique search engine optimization programs, with the latest one being its monthly SEO program. Starlet SEO launched this program in order to provide its customers with a long-term optimization strategy that will develop a strong online presence for their website in the long run.

The monthly SEO program offered by Starlet SEO has been designed according to three objectives, the first being to improve the link authority of existing back links to the client website. The second objective is to develop the Search engine results page rank of the client website over time in order to gain a more solid and trustworthy position. The third and final objective is to maintain the web presence developed over the course of the monthly SEO program.

One of the main selling points of the new monthly SEO program by Starlet SEO is that it is uniquely tailored for each client. Unlike other SEO firms that only offer one or a limited number of monthly SEO packages, Starlet SEO has developed its program in such a way that it can be modified completely to suit the requirements of each client. The first part of the monthly SEO program, therefore, involves close cooperation with the client in retrieving all data about the SEO strategies performed earlier. The data that is collected includes the back links that were created, the keywords that were targeted, and the level of on- and off-site optimization performed.

After the collection of all this data, the Starlet SEO team will develop a unique monthly SEO strategy for the client using the existing level of search engine optimization and integrating it with the companys own SEO strategy. Thus, the optimization results are more natural.

The focus of the Starlet SEO monthly SEO program was explained by Smith S., company spokesperson, during the launch of the new service. He said, Search engine optimization is not something that can be done just once and then forgotten about. In order to stay at the top of a Search engine results page, it is necessary to continue optimizing your website and beat the competition. Our monthly SEO program does just that by giving clients a long-term Search engine optimization strategy.

About Starlet SEO

Starlet SEO is a rapidly growing Search engine optimization company that develops several different services for its clients. Most of its services are popular for their innovative and unique approach to SEO, giving clients a competitive edge. At the same time, the services offered by the company are also completely white hat.

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