Start and Grow Your Online Business Today

Start and Grow Your Online Business Today
Event on 2017-12-06 18:00:00
Starting an online business can be very exciting and promising because you do not have to deal with many of the traditional hurdles that traditional businesses have. This workshop will cover the sequence of steps needed to achieve success when you are starting a small business online. You will learn about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, why is business planning crucial, the available legal forms of entities, licensing, permits and what mistakes to avoid when starting an online business. But this workshop will also cover different online options you can use to sell your products including E-Commerce website, EBay, Etsy, Amazon Store, Vollusion and more. We will also touch on search engine optimization and what it takes so your clients can find you online. You will also receive a list of tools to help run your e-commerce business and marketing strategies to help drive customer acquisition and retention.

at Rancho Santiago Community College District
2323 N Broadway
Santa Ana, United States

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