Start Your Fashion Business Workshop

Start Your Fashion Business Workshop
Event on 2015-04-18 08:30:00

Glamour, creative freedom and all the beautiful people – who doesn’t want a career in fashion? Far away from the runway and bright lights is where hard business lessons are learned and, unfortunately, many find out the hard way that fashion isn't for the faint hearted.

Creating, developing and sustaining a profitable fashion business is extremely challenging; the market is highly competitive, the scene hard to navigate and the less-glamorous side – the actual demands of business – are easily neglected.

Join industry leaders for this two-day business workshop delivered by Fashion Equipped Founder, Elizabeth Formosa (Cassar) and guest speakers.

Registration from 8:30am, workshop commences 9am. Course concludes at 5pm both days.

Day 1
Foundations of Fashion Formula©
Presented by Elizabeth Formosa – Fashion Business Consultant
Includes fashion business planning & strategy, the must-have edge in product development, effective sourcing solutions, critical sales & distribution strategies, and marketing your business.

Grow your Digital Footprint to Achieve Brand Greatness
Presented by Katherine McPherson- The Hunter Box Digital Marketing Agency
Includes self managed marketing strategies & planning for small business, creative & content – the important of quality assets such as photography, look book, copy, messages, etc, and how to get the best out of your marketing dollar.

Grow your Digital Footprint to Achieve Brand Greatness
Presented by Amanda Martin – The Hunter Box Digital Marketing Agency
Includes social media overview, how to build a database, and what you need to know about SEO & adwords.

Brand and Copyright Protection: Tips & Traps
Presented by Sharon Givoni – Intellectual Property Lawyer
Includes what questions to ask when starting a new label trademark-wise, copyright infringement – how close is too close, how can you protect your work from being 'knocked off', why register and what's the different between a trade mark, business name, or domain name and when can you be stopped from using your own name for your label.

Day 2
Foundations of Fashion Formula© Continued
Presented by Elizabeth Formosa – Fashion Business Consultant
Includes fashion finance – how much will this cost me?, building a brand name in fashion, presenting your label on the global stage, business launch timelines & action plan, and keeping connected.

Make me a Fashion Star
Presented by Henry Roth – Business & Motivation Expert
Unique Opportunity to present your Collection or Fashion Business Concept for a Henry Roth critique.

Building a Brand in Fashion
Presented by Henry Roth – Business & Motivation Expert
Round table open forum with Henry Roth.

The Psychology of Success
Presented by Travis Bell – Life Coach
How can you not only survive but actually thrive in the Fashion Industry?  
It's a combination of a successful mind-set & tailored daily performance plan that will make you unstoppable.
In this session, Trav will take you through what it takes to succeed in any business & will help you create a tailored plan of action.
As a result, you will not only leave motivated to succeed in your business, but also feel secure in the fact that you have a plan for sustained year-on-year results.

Primary Speakers
Elizabeth Formosa
Fashion Business Consultant
A fashion industry professional with experience spanning 20+ years, Elizabeth’s passion is to support you on your business journey! With extensive experience in various areas of the Apparel & Fashion Industry and a love of all aspects of the business, Elizabeth is committed to sharing her knowledge gained over a long-term career in the industry.

Henry Roth
Business & Motivation Expert
Henry Roth is Australia's go-to lifestyle and fashion authority, all-round media personality, fashion designer and "Makeover King". In recent times, this has seen him appear in various capacities on Project Runway Australia, Beauty and The Geek, Australia’s Biggest Loser, and The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Special Guest Speakers
Travis Bell
Life Coach
Travis Bell is one of Australia's most in-demand Personal Development Speakers and sought-after Life Coaches. He wakes people up, gets them off the treadmill of life & helps them to start living life on purpose.

Katherine McPherson
The Hunter Box Digital Marketing Agency
Katherine specialises in developing marketing, strategy design, and growing your digital footprint to achieve brand greatness. She is passionate about creating lasting impact.

Amanda Martin
The Hunter Box Digital Marketing Agency
Amanda is the owner of the Stylehunter Network and her experience extends to growing brand presence through campaigns, traffic generation strategies, and social media management.

Sharon Givoni
Intellectual Property Lawyer
Speaker Sharon Givoni runs an established legal practise in Melbourne and acts for a wide range of clients in the arts resolving disputes, drafting agreements and protecting the livelihood of brands in Australia and internationally.

Previous Attendees' Testimonials
The Fashion Equipped workshop far exceeded my expectations. The content was excellent, the guest speakers were insightful & the intensive development process was invaluable. I left with a clear plan of action and principles to apply with immediate benefit to my business. I would absolutely recommend the Fashion Equipped workshop to anyone starting a fashion business.

Business Owner
As an emerging designer or new business it can be very overwhelming finding a starting point. When presented with the opportunity to attend the fashion equipped ‘starting a fashion business’ work shop, I felt like I was put on the right path.
Over the 2 day workshop Elizabeth presented us with her invaluable knowledge of the industry as well as exercises to help work out the next steps for our fashion businesses. The guest speakers shared their knowledge in their field and were inspiring and motivating. I left this workshop feeling determined, focused and now have the confidence and information to get started.
I would recommend this workshop to any fashion business or emerging designer needing guidance, direction and a starting point, from industry professionals who are sharing from years of experience.

Fashion Designer
I completed the 2 day course and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. For me, new to the industry, with not much idea about anything, Elizabeth the fashion equipped team delivered a fun and informative course with amazing guest speakers, great advice and most of all the knowledge passed on from over 20 years experience. The most amazing thing is Elizabeth’s follow up both individually and as a group helps keep you motivated to continue the venture from the point at where you started at the two day course.

Graphic Designer

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