Starting a New Habit? Follow This Three-Step Plan

Starting a New Habit? Follow This Three-Step Plan
Now, write and answer "How am I going to do it?" This question is most critical, so get specific. You might write, "I will pack a gym bag every night and put it next to my briefcase so I don't forget it. I will also make sure I have a small apple or …
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Ask a Muslim: 10 Weird Questions I'm Often Asked, But am Happy to Answer
As I prepare to say goodbye to 2012, I hope that I'll also be saying goodbye to these 10 interesting questions I am occasionally asked. I am not providing this list to make fun of the individuals who have asked these questions, but as a means to answer …
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Jon Huntsman: GOP is a 'holding company that is devoid of soul'
However, he said he expects to see a new party agenda take shape in time as the party reforms in a process that re-empowers the people. According to The … Huntsman, who dropped out of the Republican nomination race after a poor showing at the New …

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