Starting Out as a Freelance Writer

Starting Out as a Freelance Writer
Event on 2013-10-05 10:00:00

  • Course Description

    Have you ever read a piece about parenting, or on another subject that you know something about or feel passionate about, and thought to yourself: I could do that? If so, this course is for you.  Because provided you've got a bit of talent with words, and you're curious about the world and how it works, you can be published.  
    Freelance writing is a varied, interesting and absorbing way to have your say and to earn money – and with online markets in particular expanding enormously at the moment, it has lots of potential. Course requirements: this course is aimed at would-be writers who might have honed their skills on contributing to websites like Mumsnet and who want to start being commissioned rather than just pitching in with comments on other people's views.
    Before the course, students will be asked to think about the kind of magazines/newspapers/websites they would like to write for and to come to the course armed with examples of potential outlets. 


  • What's Included

    Coming up with sellable ideas, working out which market is right for you, pitching to commissioning editors and delivering your copy are all covered in this course, as is how to carve out time for the researching and writing when you're up against the constraints of another job or the demands of parenting. We'll also look at the all-important question of how to break into the market, about what editors expect from you, and about how to keep your writing fresh and fascinating. 


  • Tutor Details

    Joanna Moorhead is a freelance writer.  She works mostly for the Guardian (especially for the Family section on a Saturday) and for a whole range of other outlets including the Independent and Independent on SundayGood Housekeeping magazine; PsychologiesYOU magazine and Mumsnet (for whom she writes some of the core content sections).  She writes mostly about families and family life and has been steeped in it herself for the last 20 years as a mother of four daughters, currently aged 10, 13, 17 and 20.  Her career has, roughly speaking, followed the stages her own children were at – ie she wrote about babies and breastfeeding when she was giving birth and raising young children, and now she is up to her eyes in student finance applications and teenage drinking issues, she writes about those instead.  She also makes occasional forays into entirely different areas of journalism, eg arts journalism, and also dabbles from time to time in radio – she recently finished making a second arts documentary for Radio 3.  She travels widely with her work, although she is not a travel writer. 


at Mumsnet HQ, 6 Deane House Studios
Greenwood Place
City of London, United Kingdom

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