Startup Marketing 101

Startup Marketing 101
Event on 2013-07-12 17:00:00

There's more to building a startup than code!

Come learn from experts on how you can easily inject basic marketing strategies into your business plan from day 1.

We love giving back to the community, and we have a special place in our hearts for startups. Before Brendan & Brendan was born we earned our stripes as entrepreneurs in our own businesses and working for many a startup, startup culture is engrained in our DNA.

We, the partners at Brendan & Brendan, invite you to join us in a 45mins session on Startup Marketing

The session will walk startups through Customer Acquisition, Content Marketing, and Community Management and Building.

Join us, on Friday the 12th of July from 5-7pm at the Brendan & Brendan HQ – The Loft 266, Old Port Montreal.


at The Loft 266
266 Rue Saint Paul Est
Montreal, Canada

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