Startup Software Platform Diggen Promises to be a Windfall for Marketers

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 09, 2015

New technology startup Diggen announced today the launch of its widely anticipated B2B platform that will revolutionize the integration and delivery of consumer data into a host of marketing tools that include CRM, email service providers, content management services, ecommerce platforms, as well as marketing automation, optimization and a/b testing tools. The ambitious middleware will provide companies seamless access to valuable and comprehensive consumer data to understand their target audience, improve key business performance metrics, and increase overall revenues.

Diggens horizontal platform, piping technology, and intuitive interface will simplify the management and flow from various types of consumer data sources, such as demographic, lifestyle, purchasing and online behavior, to deliver within the popular marketing tools.

Studies show that companies employing a data driven marketing strategy gain a 19% increase in revenue, but yet 44% of marketers state technology issues as the barrier to entry and 30% say that access to data prevents them from creating a consumer data strategy.

Large corporations work with tremendous budgets to collect, manage, and monetize their consumer data leaving small and midsize businesses operating at a distinct disadvantage. Diggens solution dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership by creating economies of scale with a platform and business model that takes the time, expense and effort out of the equation and levels the playing field for all businesses to access the same capabilities as their competitors.

Currently marketers have vertical solutions available to them and they have to pay a premium for their data integration. Our horizontal platform provides consumer data as a raw ingredient agnostic to the data sources and tools that marketers commonly use, says Fabrice Gould, Diggen Founder and CEO. Our solution is a straightforward implementation that wont interrupt a companys workflow. It eliminates fragmented consumer data without creating more projects for developers. In addition C-level marketing, technology, and privacy executives leverage these tools to maintain mandatory compliance initiatives more effectively with impending regulation demands on consumer data. The benefits will continue to expand as Diggen adds new features, brings on additional data sources, and integrates more marketing tools.

With such an important premium placed on consumer data, Diggen will make privacy and trust the hallmark of its services. We understand the sensitive nature of consumer data and the need for it to be treated uniquely because everyone benefits from a more transparent, controlled, and authoritative solution, one that provides confidence to all parties including consumers, marketers, developers, platforms, and data providers. Gould says.

The companys ultimate vision is to provide a platform for consumers to control their personal data while continuing to deliver tremendous value to marketers.

Simple consumer data attributes, such as gender, age, and income are more valuable today as marketers are now able to learn more about their target audience. Utilizing this information to create more relevant marketing campaigns, and personalize their websites and mobile apps to position their brand and appeal to their specific audiences.

Before he started Diggen, Gould partnered in building out 3 startups, leading the technology program at one that lead to that company’s acquisition in November 2011. As an engineer with a background in product and business development as well as technology management and operations, Gould is no stranger to data challenges and solutions. He spent 12 years working with local search data and forming the data infrastructure for startups at the time like Siri and Groupon to established giants Facebook, YellowPages, Bing, Yahoo, and Google. In fact, Gould is responsible for creating the acronym NAP, which stands for business name, address and phone number, the primary keys that are now a standard to improve quality for local business listing identity management.

Diggens launch comes right after the unveiling of its platform at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas.

ABOUT DIGGEN: Diggen is a technology company and clearinghouse for consumer data based in San Diego, CA. Diggen helps digital and ecommerce marketers more easily integrate consumer data with their favorite marketing tools to increase revenue. As a data agnostic cloud platform, Diggens horizontal service reduces the total cost of ownership eliminating development, integration and maintenance costs. As consumer data becomes a paramount concern with privacy and ownership issues, their solution will ensure compliance and governance is adhered to as the consumer advocate. Diggen is one stop shop for consumer data.

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