– Startups – News Roundtable with David Cohen and Kara Swisher-TWiST #312

- Startups - News Roundtable with David Cohen and Kara Swisher-TWiST #312

Never miss an episode! Subscribe in iTunes: Audio (bit.ly || Video (bit.ly New Relic helps you monitor your user experience. Visit www.newrelic.com and sign up to receive your free TWiST t-shirt! Turnstone is more than furniture, they’re an experience. Visit myturnstone.com to learn more and receive 10% off your first order. ============== Read the full transcript On today’s episode, Jason chats with Kara Swisher of All Things D and David Cohen of TechStars. Their electric discussion starts off with Apple and Tim Cook, segways to Yahoo and its fleeting stance in the industry, and closes with a debate circling around the bout between TechStars and YCombinator. Enjoy! 0:30 Let’s welcome Kara Swisher and of All Things D and David Cohen, the founder of TechStars 2:20 Let’s thank NewRelic for sponsoring the program. Use code TWiST to get a free month of New Relic Pro 4:15 Hey Kara, how is everything at AllThingsD? 4:30 Hey David, how’s TechStars doing? 5:40 Do you think bringing manufacturing jobs to the US is something Steve Jobs would have done? 6:25 Are some of Cook’s changes good for Apple? 7:50 Do you think Cook is an appeaser? 9:30 What is the state of Apple and Television? 13:45 Who is the most engaging of startups of the big 4? 14:10 What about Yahoo? Are they showing up yet? 15:50 What do you think of the new Yahoo homepage? 16:50 Is Yahoo going to be a media or a tech company? 18:40 Is Marissa’s PR becoming too much and hurting Yahoo? 20:10 How important is YAhoo’s
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