State Of The SERP’s – Black Hat SEO

State Of The SERP's - Black Hat SEO

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10 Responses to State Of The SERP’s – Black Hat SEO

  1. HowToDoStuffVideo says:

    at the beginning

  2. Brad Gudim says:

    Fascinating. :)

  3. Cecil Mcqueen says:

    i.m new to SEO where do i start

  4. Tim Vega says:

    Becker, amazing yet again. 

  5. Sean Sodaweb says:

    Loved the intro! haha…. do more of those please. Good job :)

  6. Artur Zygmunt says:

    Hi Becker, Will you reply the webinar???

  7. Николай Стоянов says:

    Hey Becker, great video. I wonder what do you think about this artice: (about redirecting PR websites) Thanks in advance.

  8. Marc Whitting says:

    Great Video Becker… Love this such a awesome mix… Thanks for this… GOT MY ATTENTION…

  9. Miguel Mendez says:

    XD Hahahaha! I ended watching the first three minutes like 5 times before I actually made it through the video

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