Stay Away From Google +

Google Announces they will be deleting Google + accounts that are not made public. Eric Schmidt on Privacy and why it is not a concern for Google My reaction to YouTube forcing it’s users to create Google accounts. How to close your Google + account
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14 Responses to Stay Away From Google +

  1. Darkplasma00 says:

    if you only want certen people to see said contant. add them to a circle. post to that circle.

  2. crazybritishlad says:

    .I hate it all it sucks you are so true google + is inflicted on me all the time when i log on youtube. Don’t forget guys future employers check you on on the net which isn’t so bad if your a saint.

  3. peacelovebehappy3 says:

    PLEASE ANSWER BECAUSE THIS IS SO IMPORTENT! if i didnt mean to create a google+ account, if i delete it does it delete my youtube account? i cant lose it so please responde!!!!!

  4. LeeLooMinaeSebat says:

    gj pointing out the privacy issues

  5. gensmiles1 says:

    can you tell us how, i hate having my real name on youtube

  6. Fisher Price says:

    I don’t care if some guy 10,000 miles away from me sees that I’m on youtube.

  7. chdudley says:

    Putting ads on these types of videos is ridiculous. Having to wait 30 to 40 seconds on every video is annoying.

  8. Ross Hill says:

    Android and chrome are incredible! Are you retarded?

  9. VelictAF says:

    Also microsoft is being dumb too so…we’ll see

  10. VelictAF says:

    Google+ was a fluke, but it’s not a big deal. Android is the shit, so is chrome…..what else is next? It’s fucking trial and error, keep it coming google. Also, still leagues ahead apple will ever be.

  11. uxie7299 says:

    Facebook lets you have privacy. He had to make a google plus in order to prevent people from impersonating him and getting HIM ban from these sites

  12. uxie7299 says:

    Thanks for uploading this. I was always against Google + since I thought it destroyed Google itself. Google is becoming tyrants of the internet. Just because they own most of the internet doesn’t mean they can make bullshit rules and abuse their users in this way.

  13. SETH TOBIAS says:

    Google sucks for sure I wonder why did they created it for the first time and now they are saying stay away from it this sucks

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