Stay Superdry With Nokia’s Nanotech Phone Coating

Nokia’s Principal Scientist at the Nokia Research Centre in Cambridge uses a Nokia Lumia 710 to demonstrate the Nokia nanotechnology behind a Superhydrophobic stain-resistant phone that repels water like a lily pad.
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14 thoughts on “Stay Superdry With Nokia’s Nanotech Phone Coating

  1. samsung gonna spy on this and make em.. and say, “we invented the first nano technology-equipped smartphone.. pfft! even they copied the Kinetic UI prototype to make the Samdung Youm flexible.. oh..Samdungs

  2. Well, people over Samsung and Sony used this, making people believe they’re the first ones to do this. C’mon Nokia. Put it in your phones already. It’s a great innovation!

  3. Better to add Video calling to N8 and Belle NOKIA … u just with your customers you just want our money !!! None of you I mean Nokia and Skype ever reply to thousand comments and questions from us when we going to get VIDEO calling, thats such an ignorance !!!

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