Stay Superdry With Nokia’s Nanotech Phone Coating

Nokia’s Principal Scientist at the Nokia Research Centre in Cambridge uses a Nokia Lumia 710 to demonstrate the Nokia nanotechnology behind a Superhydrophobic stain-resistant phone that repels water like a lily pad.
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14 Responses to Stay Superdry With Nokia’s Nanotech Phone Coating

  1. hanalunnana says:


  2. Arthur Rasmusson says:

    do you even innovate

  3. Zul Fazleyy says:

    samsung gonna spy on this and make em.. and say, “we invented the first nano technology-equipped smartphone.. pfft! even they copied the Kinetic UI prototype to make the Samdung Youm flexible.. oh..Samdungs

  4. nil1230 says:

    i dont get it u dot even put in the website.

  5. dendenlogan968abc says:

    Well, people over Samsung and Sony used this, making people believe they’re the first ones to do this. C’mon Nokia. Put it in your phones already. It’s a great innovation!

  6. Loh Siang Loong says:

    Samsung says we don’t care what it is. Just give us the list of materials used..

  7. ashawaf85 says:

    Now we all know what’s the next samsung will be like

  8. t pankaj kumar says:

    first get patented :P….. samsung is watching this videos 😀

  9. bbright777 says:

    do they have that on Lumia 800 and 900?

  10. Shayan Khan says:

    Nokia = AMAZING

  11. Shady6diablo says:

    MOther of Nanotech

  12. TominoK78 says:

    Better to add Video calling to N8 and Belle NOKIA … u just with your customers you just want our money !!! None of you I mean Nokia and Skype ever reply to thousand comments and questions from us when we going to get VIDEO calling, thats such an ignorance !!!

  13. TominoK78 says:

    He should cut and clean nails !!!

  14. jingyuanguo says:

    Hopefully can see it in market pretty soon.

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