Stekys Media Helps Customers Deal With Google Changes in 2012

Costa Mesa, California (PRWEB) February 20, 2012

Stekys Media have been staying on top of recent developments in the Google search algorithm – as any self-respecting SEM company has been doing. The traditional process where Google would update their algorithm once every few months has been replaced with a series of rolling updates that has taken many companies, both online and offline, by surprise. Fortunately the search consultants at Stekys Media have been analyzing all of these changes and keeping all of their customers abreast of the latest changes and how to work with them instead of struggling against them.

The team at Stekys Media understand that search engine traffic is the life blood of many of the businesses for which they provide SEO consultancy and training; and, because of this, they work with a professional level of seriousness when approaching an SEO issue for one of their clients. This is especially true when it comes to their formulation of action plans if and when a client’s website is affected by even a small change in Google. At Stekys, they work with their clients to help them achieve their goals in a synergistic way.

The lead SEM analyst at Stekys Media ,Vladislav Steklac, shared the following with us, “Google have changed how search engine optimization has been done in the past, with their Florida update for example, but these rolling waves of updates require that we be more on our toes than ever before here at Stekys Media. We’ve been working very closely with several of our most prominent clients to ensure that the effects of Google Panda are minimized on their business.”

Any business which is concerned about the recent updates to how Google views the evolving world of web search can rely on Stekys Media for sound advice based on years of SEM experience.


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