STEP UP 3D: Robot Rock

Click here to buy: Step Up 3Davailable to own on [Blu-ray+Blu-ray 3D + DVD + Digital Copy] starting December 21, 2010 Become a fan on Facebook: New York’s intense street dancing underground comes alive in eye-popping Digital 3D in the third installment of the STEP UP franchise as the raw, passion-fueled culture goes global. A tight-knit group of street dancers, including Luke (Rick Malambri) and Natalie (Sharni Vinson), team up with NYU freshman Moose (Adam Sevani), and find themselves pitted against the world’s best breakdancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever.

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13 Responses to STEP UP 3D: Robot Rock

  1. eliasrivera185ify says:

    Madd Chadd is the powerhouse

  2. Andrew Elias says:

    Again thy woulda lost without mad chad

  3. Dipper41 says:

    i’m expecting Daft Punk too, but i’m dissapointed at your grammar.

  4. SerbCommando says:

    best scene in the movie, no kiddin

  5. Jerome Skillz says:

    dat hand push was siickk

  6. MADGU3RRILLA says:

    How’d I get from LAN Party Minecraft to this..?

  7. 詳細こちらくりっく宝くじ当選 当選金一億譲ります says:


  8. 2menbeastmode44 says:

    if i get 50 likes ill post an attempt at this.

  9. luRRUVIO says:

    i can do that all u need just practice again and again 多拉脖子的筋

  10. Komaro Foxx says:

    Song name is pinball

  11. asonte8 says:

    i know how to robot

  12. daxterman97 says:

    this musik is the best!! What’s the name of it?

  13. Stacey Boings says:

    Dumbasses don’t like this!!

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