Stephen Fry – The language in Nazi Germany

Stephen Fry talks about the power of words in Nazi Germany relating to the Jews. An extract from Stephen Fry’s talk on his BBC series Planet Word. Full video podcast available here:
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20 thoughts on “Stephen Fry – The language in Nazi Germany

  1. Amazing how you still hear people claim the German people didn’t know the holocaust was happening. Stephen Fry’s last point shows how they couldn’t not know. The prison guards wrote letters to their families mentioning it. Next time someone tries to tell you it was all secret, ask them about the letters.

  2. i believe the british did this to the boers and to the germans the whole hun propaganda springs to mindbefore the 1st world war well before the nazi,s came about,,plus when did the number jump from 6 million to 8 million?adding in the gypsies of course in fact the nazis used it cos it was the roman model.its a part of the elite getting the poorer to do the dying and killing

  3. question is not which group did to which group in past times (eg groups think they are better humans and suppress like Nazis, Communists, Moslems, Jews, Catholics, Wasps etc..) –but question is what have we learnt actually – what are all who know of the past-including Stephen-doing for people who are suppressed upto danger of life eg child soldiers, victims of exploition in Africa by the diamond trade mafia organized in NY, victims of natural catastrophes etc-no excuse for us

  4. Have you ever heard of an anti-racism campaign that targeted any non-White group as having “privilege”? Of course not. They ONLY attack White “privilege” (a future for White children) in ALL & ONLY White countries. All you anti-Whites ever do is make excuse after excuse to turn every White country into a brown mix of this and that. All you anti-Whites ever do is justify genocide of White children; a future without White children. Now you see why anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  5. Oh boy ! I’ve heard it all NOW !!!! I hope you’re being ”ironic” or something ? YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS !?! In case it escaped your notice, Marxist-Leninism didn’t work.

  6. i get sick of the jews going on about the death camps etc,millions and millions more american indians were the victims of genocide but they dont whinge about it

  7. I’m afraid it happens all the time. He gave 2 examples : the Nazis dehumanizing the Jews with language and 1 tribe in Ruwanda (excuse my spelling) doing it to another; but we could add the way Marxist Leninist go on about ”the borsiosie”(oh excuse my spelling again, how embarrasing) or Stalin dehumanizing the ”Kulaks”; or the way religions can demonize their opponents and go on crusades or holy wars.

  8. it starts in the kindergarden when other children the fat ones or the red haired or other different ones are laughed about … so lets celebrate diversity already in the kindergarden (and do not tolerate if some races define themselves as specially privileged – might it be with genes (Nazis) or with god’s will (moslems, jews, catholics) or just with groups that think being victims guarantees priviledges without any other merits…)

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