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  1. Generally yes. There is a new downloadable desktop tool that BING´╗┐ has. It allows you to work on your campaigns from your desktop and then upload into your account. It also has KW search feature that is very helpful… You might want to give that a try. May save you some time… I’ll make a training video on it one of these days. ­čÖé

  2. So when BingAds says that´╗┐ there are say 1000 impressions per month for a given keyword, is that only for exact match keywords? In other words, a certain keyword that you’re targeting might get way more hits than is listed because of the “phrase” and “broad” search options?

  3. If you’re using the LP’s inside of Empower Network, I’m pretty confident they will be shut down almost as quickly as you put them up. I’ve heard that some people are having success using Simple2Adverise LP’s… The best way is to make your LP with your own video (on a navigable website), capture the lead first then redirect to an EN video page where they´╗┐ can watch the 29 minute long EN video. ­čÖé

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