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  1. Hi Jason, Good question… It’s a question that begs more questions and can have a variety of different answers. If your page a navigable and you want to get some SEO quality out of it as well – becare about changing to much of the copy. However, if you’re just looking for a LP that converts well (which most of us are), then I would recommend “Split Testing.” Meaning: Run more than one page and see which one works best for you… Hope that helps… 🙂

  2. Hey Stephen, thanks for all the value brother. Is it necessary or recommended to use the campaign keyword directly in the ad copy? Is it cool to change the content of a landing page midway through the campaign (like if I use a call-to-action blog post as the landing and change a video there while the ad is running – is Bing cool with that?)

  3. Hi Rachel, yes there are a lot of different tools to use to find key words for BING. One that’s free and is very useful is Google’s Adwords tool.  Check out my BING PPC Training Part 2A on youtube. I start to cover that about 4 minutes into the video. 🙂 Best of luck. Stephen~

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