Steve Bell on Google's tax repayment – cartoon

Steve Bell on Google's tax repayment – cartoon
Lets just clarify how much tax Google paid under Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown. With 100% confidence I can tell you it was nothing, zilcho, nada! This is public domain knowledge skillfully glossed over here. So why are Brown & Darling not portrayed …
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Formation Data Systems Created To Enable 'Google-Like' Storage Capabilities
The company was launched by a team led by Chairman and CEO Mark Lewis to offer software that provides hyper-scale enterprise storage solutions in much the way Google or Facebook enable massive storage capabilities through their own home grown …
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Matt Cutts: Google Core Updates Were So Drastic Due To End Of Year Code Freeze
Matt Cutts of Google who is still on leave as far as we know, was on TWIG #336 and he spent about 15 minutes going through the core updates, Penguin, the webmaster team and more. It starts at the one hour and three minute and forty-five second mark and …
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