Steve Black – Leveraging Advanced Social Media Strategies to Maximize Results

Steve Black – Leveraging Advanced Social Media Strategies to Maximize Results
Event on 2015-01-27 18:00:00


Leveraging Advanced Social Media Strategies to Maximize Results:

with Steve Black

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Steve Black is regarded to be one of the nation's best Marketing Consultants, Sales Trainers and Public Speakers. Having worked with Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy for over 17 years, and having spoken to over 500,000 business people … he really knows his stuff.   At this Business Accelerator Workshop, Steve will share how businesses can leverage social media and digital marketing to get results in raising their profile vs. wasting their time.  He will share some very specific strategies and tools to use as well as which mistakes to avoid.

In this Business Accelerator Workshop, you will have the opportunity to spend two hours with Steve Black, and learn things like:

  • What mistakes should I avoid with Facebook?
  • How can I get results from time invested on LinkedIn?
  • What is the best content to post in order to raise my profile?
  • How can I save 15 billable hours per week leveraging technology?
  • Where should social media & digital marketing be positioned in my marketing mix?


  • Successful business owners who hate social media
  • Business owners who are too busy to use social media
  • Business owners who want the latest strategies for effective social media
  • Owners who get distracted by social media and it becomes a huge time waster


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Steve Black

Over the last three years, with the explosive growth of Social Media, Steve has acted as a Social Media Consultant, having authored several books on Social MediaStrategy and How To Utilize LinkedIN, Facebook,and Twitter For Business & Profit.  He has also authored E-Books on article writing, blogging for profit, Search Engine Optimization, and list building.

Having worked with Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy for nearly 20 years, Steve has spoken to, consulted with, and coached over 500,000 business professionals.

Steve believes the key to economic strength for America starts with Small Business success, and he is committed to exposing Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Salespeople to the strategies and tactics that will allow them to thrive in the New Economy.

In his role as a Marketing Consultant, Steve has developed extensive online & offline marketing systems that are used by business owners and entrepreneurs across the country. Social Media & Internet Marketing are two of his passions, and he loves helping others learn how to utilize these tools for profit.

As a Business Trainer & Sales Trainer, Steve has been able to leverage all that he has learned from the great ones like Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, and Tony Robbins to affect many people's careers. His goal is to pay it forward & help as many people as he can.


at Key Person of Influence
1111 W. Cass St.
Tampa, United States

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