Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Image by Joi
Walter Mossberg and Kara Swisher interview Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Bill: "I’d give a lot for Steve’s taste."

Steve: "Bill was much better at partnering than Steve Wozniak and I were."

We’ve kept secret that: Steve: "We’ve been married for 10 years."

Bill: "I’m not the Fake Steve."

Quotes from memory. Exact text may be wrong.

53 thoughts on “Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

  1. You mentioned that the legs on the left bothered you. In a way, yes, but if they weren’t there, the photo would be unbalanced, with the large screen image on the right throwing it off. As it is, it works well. Damn fine shot.

  2. Super photo, Joi. The black stripe in the set background makes it look like a photocollage of two photos. The wide version published in the Times is also excellent.

  3. Remarkable picture of a remarkable event! Great colours. The smiles are pretty real – they were enjoying themselves. And BG no longer has to bother about running M$, while Steve just *loves* running Apple. Bill is so rich he’s buying himself a legacy, while Steve is still making his.

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  5. Thank you for releasing this shot under CC license. Just wanted to let you know I’ve selected to display this image at ‘Steve Jobs‘ news page (it’s my hobby site), full attribution and link to you is provided. Thank you once again.

  6. Wheee… two guys who were at each other corporate throats for over a decade, making awkward nice on the same stage. Love the rictus grins. Awkward, anyone? Awesome photo!

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