Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Image by Joi
Walter Mossberg and Kara Swisher interview Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Bill: "I’d give a lot for Steve’s taste."

Steve: "Bill was much better at partnering than Steve Wozniak and I were."

We’ve kept secret that: Steve: "We’ve been married for 10 years."

Bill: "I’m not the Fake Steve."

Quotes from memory. Exact text may be wrong.

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53 Responses to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

  1. Joi says:

    w00t. Photo on NYT.

  2. thecameo says:

    whoo hoo! You have a career as a professional photographer!

  3. Fiona Bradley says:

    Oh nice!! And props to Twitter for the link.

  4. jurvetson says:

    wow! look at those strained smiles

  5. Joi says:

    There were a few strained smiles, but it was surprisingly natural overall.

  6. seanbonner says:

    Someone should have thrown something at one of their heads when they looked the other way and then blamed the other one.

  7. thunder says:

    Nice! Congrats :) (also on the deal!)

  8. jurvetson says:

    great photo by the way. I last saw Gates in front of the Apple 1. It was surreal.

  9. TiTiRi says:

    You did a good shot Joi. Congrats.

  10. Jim O'Connell says:

    You mentioned that the legs on the left bothered you. In a way, yes, but if they weren’t there, the photo would be unbalanced, with the large screen image on the right throwing it off. As it is, it works well. Damn fine shot.

  11. Joi says:

    Good point Jim. Thanks.

  12. Chris Keegan says:

    So lots of flirting was going on.

  13. andreavallejos says:

    COngrats Joi!

  14. Joi says:

    Edited video of this online:…

  15. DNSF David Newman says:

    Super photo, Joi. The black stripe in the set background makes it look like a photocollage of two photos. The wide version published in the Times is also excellent.

  16. Joi says:

    DNSF: The stripe reminds me slightly of this photo:

  17. xjyxjy says:

    Remarkable picture of a remarkable event! Great colours. The smiles are pretty real – they were enjoying themselves. And BG no longer has to bother about running M$, while Steve just *loves* running Apple. Bill is so rich he’s buying himself a legacy, while Steve is still making his.

  18. GilbertZ says:

    Kudos Joi! Blogged.

  19. _sarchi says:’s the new camera fairing in the wild — (?)

  20. Joi says:

    I’m loving the M8…

  21. Ch0c0l8_L0v3r_43va says:

    Steve: My outfit is so much cooler. Bill: Bitch, please.

  22. mgminthu says:

    They’re happy being laughing together.

  23. jlcmarcel says:

    Lets play papper scissors stone to see who’s the bigger nerd…

  24. gtlx10 says:

    Steve Jobs has an iPhone in this picture (is his pocket), before it is released.

  25. alvito says:

    World fucking domination !

  26. icreativelabs says:

    MAC and PC = PEACE

  27. says:

    Hallo, i am the administrator of the german apple fangroup, and i would you to invite to add your picture at our group. Many thanks!

  28. Slava V. says:

    Thank you for releasing this shot under CC license. Just wanted to let you know I’ve selected to display this image at ‘Steve Jobs‘ news page (it’s my hobby site), full attribution and link to you is provided. Thank you once again.

  29. babau says:

    Nice, nice shot!

  30. scheheryar says:

    nice pic .. 2 billionaires seated next to each other.. 😀 Sheheryar of Job Listings

  31. Bogota Colombia says:

    much money!!! in there room two

  32. amirv60 says:

    hi bill gates

  33. alxflickrrr says:

    Good old friends :)

  34. Dimboukas says:

    I like Bill Gates’ shoes! I generally like tassel loafers!

  35. kernel_x0x says:

    steve….bill is goin’ to steal from you again

  36. samuraiartguy says:

    Wheee… two guys who were at each other corporate throats for over a decade, making awkward nice on the same stage. Love the rictus grins. Awkward, anyone? Awesome photo!

  37. Alyssasezello :: aka pixel8design says:

    They’re scheming not beaming.

  38. seanbonner says:

    This photo has officially been meme’d…

  39. amirv60 says:

    hi dear ( bill gates ) I’m hopeful that together we’ll make tremendous strides to improve child health in the world. best regards A.Alipour – amirv60

  40. nationalachievers says:

    Just used the above photo here: Many thanks!

  41. lauren • b says:

    Nerds :) Love it

  42. °Cactus*Pixie° - War is something I DESPISE - says:

    Love Love Love it

  43. Juliana Beletsis says:

    We’re here to put a dent in the universe. -Steve Jobs, entrepreneur and inventor (1955-2011)

  44. ryandoss says:

    Notice the difference in a style. Reminds me of the mac commercials with Justin Long (mac) and John Hodgman (pc).. cracks me up.. ha! Mac Commercials

  45. characterror says:

    Rest in Peace, Steve. You’re a Great Man!

  46. ×.9ḿṯ-ąĻ8Łβ.× says:


  47. jurvetson says:

    and the popular sentiment 10 years prior:

    Pray for Jobs

  48. haberlicious says:

    "Hi!! Would you share this fantastic picture with us?" 278/365 Steve Jobs R.I.P Steve Jobs

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