Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller FUNNY moments

Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller FUNNY moments

Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller were undoubtedly the #1 comedy duo in tech. When Phil came on stage you knew they’d be a demo with a few goofy jiffs. These are …
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15 Responses to Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller FUNNY moments

  1. PhiliprecordsTV says:

    iChat it is now called Messages

  2. Kristýna Matoušková says:

    great Phil Schiller :D

  3. Craig Bickerstaff says:

    He’s not actually using Photo Booth, the Photo Booth effects are built into iChat which is now messages which are accessed via the video menu.

  4. Kevin López Brante says:

    At least he had a RAZR V3

  5. danielsepulveda2012 says:

    Why is it that Jon Ive didn’t have an iphone lol

  6. Fang Wen says:

    Seems like yesterday! Steve love you!

  7. Sanket Kadam says:

    is the photo booth have all these effects now???

  8. tincho81 says:

    3:38 cutest chubby laugh

  9. Daniele Basilico says:

    Miss you Great Steve!

  10. iLiveExtreme says:


  11. Maria diaz says:

    I´m a Steve Jobs fan, i don´t have any Apple device, but i like him and love everyone of his presentations. Thank you very much for this video @EverySteveJobsVideo, Greetings from Argentina!

  12. darijoe says:

    It’s really disappointing iChat isn’t around anymore as those cool effects aren’t in FaceTime.

  13. EverySteveJobsVideo says:

    Photo Booth.

  14. ixOsa says:

    3:35 loooooool, what app did he use for this please ?

  15. DrDomVonDoom says:

    “I have the accellerometer attached to it…” LMAO. You mean that big ass laptop attached to your iBook?

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