Steve Jobs’ Best Video Moments on Stage (1/3)

Steve Jobs' Best Video Moments on Stage (1/3)

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16 thoughts on “Steve Jobs’ Best Video Moments on Stage (1/3)

  1. how much gb of storage is free in icloud ? and why the fuck u need courses on itunes ? lol .. wat the fuck is that hype all about apple made ? and osx is all made from unix platform so most of them maybe open but what user interface people are using on the mac shit is all closed

  2. OS X’s core, Darwin, is open. OS X’s printing architecture, CUPS, is open and its creator works at Apple. OS X’s OpenCL, created by Apple, is an open standard. Apple’s WebKit is the most widely adopted HTML rendering engine, and is used by Google and RIM. Apple’s iCloud is free. There are hundreds of thousands of free podcasts and university courses on iTunes. iOS and OS X developer tools, Xcode, is free to download and use. Ask MacBook Air and iPad users if they consider them crap.

  3. their products are crap .. no open source softwares and they want their users to pay for every crap app and services and more often to want their users to use their products according to apples wish .. their is no speciality in their products .. apple sucks .. those days have gone

  4. its ur who dont see the truth behind this assholes . u dont know anything shit about technology .. all u can do is fall of pretty looking gadgets like apple’s ishit and fall for it even if it sucks

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