Steve Jobs building NeXT

Steve Jobs in 1987, as he left Apple and set out to create his next great computer empire, NeXT. A revealing portrait of the man millions would later come to recognize as the most influential mind of the 21st centuty.
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22 Responses to Steve Jobs building NeXT

  1. Pandemonium8888 says:

    Excellent footage. Cheers for upping John. Many a lesson to be taken.

  2. CH67guy1 says:

    At 10:13 the woman speaks of “reality distortion”, just as is so often described by Walter Isaacson in his book on Jobs as a Steve Jobs character trait!

  3. 6littleMERMAIDS says:

    “ George i cant change the world ” good one steve :)

  4. djlobb says:

    I Like this Steve Jobs the best!!

  5. mariobyb says:

    Man, I would have loved to work for this man.

  6. igunzOsick says:

    Not far from the truth in all honesty, He was very influential.

  7. JJSideshowBob says:

    “Most influential mind of the 21st century”? Gimme a break…

  8. FieldMarshalRommel23 says:

    I was born in 1987. This is what the world looked like when I was a baby.

  9. PNHassett says:

    He left Apple? More like forced out of the company because he was acting like a megalomaniac dick.

  10. audacityknight says:

    What was the title of this documentary?

  11. MultiCurrry says:

    Apples ideas man is gone…gf apple

  12. MJthegoat says:

    Being CEO is very much like being the director of a film. If the film fails, you get ALL the blame. If it is a success, you get ALL the credit. Even though he may have not been writing code at 4 am or designing parts of the interface, his overall vision and strategy formed the core of what the engineering and design teams worked off of. Plus, he was the face of the company, so obviously, the media wasn’t going to talk about some engineer that no one cares about.

  13. BoomersGold says:

    LOL..Of course I have a hobby. Why do I feel compelled to bother? Waking up and reading shit like “Steve Jobs rated number one engineer” in my local newspaper. Engineers hate seeing someone else take credit for their work. Why do you feel the need to defend Jobs anyway? Do you not have a hobby?

  14. AshtonPhoto says:

    The question is, why??? Seriously, why does it matter that much to you? Being an Apple fan I keep seeing an inordinate amount of vitriol directed at the company as a whole and Jobs specifically, and I find it interesting why people feel compelled to bother. Do you not have a hobby? Besides anything, the logic is, well, illogical. Who ‘invented’ the car? Did they invent the wheel or the engine? No, they took what already existed and put it together in an original way.

  15. BoomersGold says:

    Fair enough. Yes, as an engineer, I want to make sure that Jobs doesn’t get credit for what we faceless engineers invent/design. I still think he was one of the greatest CEOs of all time, but I don’t want to see people crediting him for Apple’s iproducts. For example, the ipod was invented by an engineering and designing team led by Tony Fadell NOT Steve Jobs and yet the most of the public don’t even know who he is.

  16. AshtonPhoto says:

    Ok, you just arguing for argument’s sake!! Jobs is the one that set the people on the task you big dafty!! So he takes the credit. End of story. From the moment he took the reigns back as iCEO he orchestrated a comeback bigger than any in the history of business. You seem to be a a professional naysayer on a one-man crusade to make sure Jobs does not get too much credit. But I’ve followed Apple for 17 years, my first Mac ran OS 7. Like it or not, he deserves his due.

  17. Weswada says:

    Remember watching this on PBS back in the 80’s when I was an Apple Fan.

  18. BoomersGold says:

    Right….and what role did Steve Jobs have in the thinning of tablets? What did Jobs, himself, do in the making of the iPhone? I’ll agree that Apple keynotes are the best though. (not that that has anything to do with anything)

  19. FlickBoyFilms says:

    Great value equals affordability.

  20. John David says:

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  21. AshtonPhoto says:

    Personally I was never one to follow the herd. I find W7 to be the same old Windows. The lipstick is new but the it’s the same old pig. My opinion. Ballmer and co. are no fools but Jobs was right, they have absolutely no taste. I watched the Surface event. It was reminiscent of an Apple keynote, from 1998. Without Jobs computers would still be beige, tablets would all be 2″ thick and phones would still have little plastic keys. To say Jobs contributed nothing but clever marketing is nuts.

  22. BoomersGold says:

    That’s what the CEO does. The CEO has to approve everything before it goes into mass production. Bill Gates did the same, Larry and Sergei of Google do the same and so does Ballmer. What’s funny is that whilst Windows 7, one of the most popular OS’ of all time, was a huge success under Ballmer, almost everyone gives him no credit for it and thinks of him as an idiot.

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