Steve Jobs FUNNIEST moments (1978-2011)

Steve Jobs raised the bar when it came to keynote presentations. They were simply astonishing. A Steve Jobs presentation doesn’t just deliver information, it educates, motivates and entertains. We mostly remember “Stevenotes” for iconic product introductions and One More Things moments, but they were also filled with humour. When is the last time you had fun watching a presentation? Steve knew how to press the right buttons to make a crowd laugh. Here’s the proof.
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16 Responses to Steve Jobs FUNNIEST moments (1978-2011)

  1. davvvideos says:

    RIP Steve Jobs 1956-2011

  2. abdulrhman alghabban says:

    2 dislike Larry Page & Sergey Brin

  3. Dan Cross says:

    Did he just mentioned secretly the iPad at 4:54? :D:D

  4. LukasApple Fan says:


  5. macjurgen says:

    Thanks to the guys who uploaded these photos :) Apple is not the same without him!!!

  6. Vijay Khubchandani says:

    Awesome Collection.. RIP Steve..

  7. eazon says:

    I miss you Steve Jobs. Apple products are just not the same without you.

  8. OolalaFive says:

    My God, it’s difficult to watch him at 8:00, but it’s also a testament to his insane enthusiasm for his company that he managed to give so much energy while he was so frail.

  9. artenman says:

    Look dude, our time on this planet is relative. We all degrade, some just faster than others, and we are all headed to our inevitable deaths. I’m sure Steve doesn’t regret his death, he had to go.

  10. Powers H says:

    Sad to watch him degrade in health through the video. It’s a shame the work lost such an outstanding mind.

  11. Daniel Choo says:

    I miss Steve Jobs.

  12. Yash Gorana says:

    Power to BURN CDs, DVDs and Pentiums LOL !

  13. Yaman Kaytaz says:

    hahaha funny moments alright!

  14. Austin Heistand says:

    love this! miss him so much :( ! rest in peace! but this is great ! Thanks so much for uploading!

  15. DinosaursOnceRuled says:

    4:53 – Hmm.. is he hinting the iPad? :-)

  16. Yusuf Ameri says:


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