Steve Jobs introducing the first iPhone (MacWorld 2007)

On Tuesday January 9, 2007 in San Francisco, Steve Jobs (the Apple CEO) introduced a “revolutionary mobile phone” that everybody knows now : the iPhone. That’s a short summary of this great day. Video : Song : Viva La Vida (Instrumental Version) Video Editing : Gowbye Thank you to tell me what you think about this video ! :) JOSEPH LUCIANO

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13 Responses to Steve Jobs introducing the first iPhone (MacWorld 2007)

  1. rezazadeh22 says:

    What is the name of music that you use?

  2. John David says:

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  3. Kaykae88 says:

    This was on my birthday :-) R.I.P Steve Jobs

  4. vastolorde03 says:

    im so jealous 😀

  5. Trollhomo says:

    I almost cried watching this ;( r.i.p Steve Jobs

  6. XXcoolbeans1998XX says:

    rest in peace steve

  7. toastmaster1231 says:

    This is a big leap in the world of technology.

  8. satyarx7 says:

    This is how you became “tap-tap” idiots 😀

  9. Marcus Cruz says:

    Like if you think Steve Jobs changed the world.

  10. Tony Maccaroni says:

    Too bad people forget that today…

  11. alex santos says:

    iPhone sucks ass

  12. TheAsAStudio says:

    A historic moment! 

  13. fizzlefoshizzle13 says:

    This guy changed phones

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