Steve Jobs on Marketing

Steve Jobs on fundamentals of Marketing, the Apple brand and an unaired version of the “Think Different” TV commercial, which featured Steve Jobs as the narr…
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19 thoughts on “Steve Jobs on Marketing

  1. I used a Mac to dedicated this video to Steve Jobs, Because we believed in you, you made it a better world for all of use, even ” PC ” , R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

  2. funny how he never mentions the federal government tried to shut his dirty monopoly marketing tactics down for the past twenty five years….they never did cause he paid them all off with hush money…….this clown died of HIV / AIDS by the way, another media cover up cause he paid them all off

  3. Not only was Steve a genius. He believed he was. He also believed what he said. You can feel it in the work everyone does with him. From the design department to the marketing teams. They know what it’s all about and believe it.

  4. lol this is a video of Steve Jobs talking about how he will rip people off and yet iSheep still praise him let me ask u this … Did he make any of the products the answer is no he was a CEO all he did was deal with the business side

  5. Steve Jobs was probably one of the few men that could get up on a corporate stage in shorts and sandals, and people would still listen to him and take him seriously. I wish I could’ve met him.

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