Steve Jobs on the iPad

Steve Jobs on the iPad

Image by tonyhall
Steve Jobs ends the iPhone 4 show with theTechnology and Liberal Arts sign denoting the underlying ethos that drives Apple.

"We’re not just a tech company, even though we invent some of the highest technology products in the world," he says. "It’s the marriage of that plus the humanities and the liberal arts that distinguishes Apple."

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8 Responses to Steve Jobs on the iPad

  1. clifsnap says:

    Or is it just a good selling point ?

  2. Paul v2.0 says:

    what a great shot! .. looks like you have Mr Jobs as your personal puppet in this photo …

  3. ^Tom says:

    "I’ve got the whole world in my hands" . . . this looks a bit like your buddy icon, a similar theme, could it be v2?

  4. tonyhall says:

    Clif, it’s a selling point and a signpost to their / his roots / routes.

  5. tonyhall says:

    Paul, thanks, he’s my puppet and he’s pulling all the strings.

  6. tonyhall says:

    Tom, London, Apple iPad, all things within our grasp.

  7. twig® says:

    … So, how close is one to getting one? ~

  8. tonyhall says:

    Twig, I’m using it now to write this in the living room, away from the work-station … making play-spaces.

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