Steve Jobs One Last Thing

Steve Jobs One Last Thing

Another Steve Jobs.
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  1. Thankyou for reminding me of the Creative *Spark which tought me on my Apple IIE as a child. Lessons still need to be learned by me… “Patience Is The Key”…. I’ll build up Patience and figure out how. Take care.. BikerSoulDez

  2. No, Xerox was. Though it has nothing to do with the success of Apple. Jobs was an asshole, psychopath. But was the right man for the job in two separate periods.

  3. ya but that was there prime time now there crap and i hate to say it but now that the king of apple has passed i hope his kingdom pass’s with him

  4. Wrong on the tablet. The first tablet was by General Magic which started within Apple in 1990 by several of the original Mac engineers and was spun out as a separate company. Apple then worked on the Newton which came out in 1993, far before anything Microsoft did.

  5. Xerox Alto created the first GUI as everyone who bothered to check it up. You should change your statement to; Apple is the first company to sell it commercially and successfully. Same goes with the tablet, Microsoft’s invention, but Apple once again reigns supreme and they won, they were able to sell it commercially and successfully! There is a difference between “inventing” and being “successful”.

  6. I never said they didn’t or that Apple did. I said at the end of the day it doesn’t matter! Apple did what was needed with it. Stop geeking out on irrelevant particulars… no one cares who invented the first of anything, they care who created and got the best of something into their hands and with most tech that is APPLE…. deal with it

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