Steve Jobs, part 1

Steve Jobs was already gravely ill with cancer when he asked author Walter Isaacson to write his biography. Jobs told Isaacson to write a honest book – about his failings and his strengths. Steve Kroft reports.

18 thoughts on “Steve Jobs, part 1

  1. No exceptional revolutions? Were you watching the part where they said that Apple was nearly bankrupt and is now the richest company in the world?! 7 markets – retail stores, personal computing, music, telephony, mobile computing (tablets) etc. No revolutions to electronics? Yeah. Anyway, let’s just say that he was bright – a savvy businessman and an innovator.

  2. If anything, he was a salesman. He didn’t invent anything or make anything that was an exceptional revolution to the world of electronics – he pitched average items as high-end, top notch, hot shit and sold it like hot cakes. A genious? I highly doubt it. In my mind, he possessed a basic understanding og how markets are made.

  3. Lol, no. A 200 Deviation IQ is practically impossible. Realistic high IQs fall between the range of 130-160. Anything more is pushing it. Steve Jobs probably falls somewhere in that range. You can’t dismiss that he was highly intelligent.

  4. Steve jobs is a media hype. Real Genius will be people like Nicholas Tesla. Tesla IQ is around 200. The problem with High IQ people is they don’t have Social Skills.

  5. Jobs may not have been a compasionate and likable leader, but that was not his goal in life either. He was uncompromising and demanding and that’s how you get shit done. Pick any dictator, pharoh or emporer and see what they built and created.

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