Steve Jobs – Placard

Steve Jobs – Placard

Image by The Seg
Steve Jobs stands in front of a table of Macintosh* computers at Stanford University in 1984. After leaving Apple, Jobs founded NeXT Corporation and later Pixar, the computer-animation company that produced the groundbreaking "Toy Story" feature film. Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 to help rejuvenate the company.

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  1. belizeangirl2008 says:

    Steve looked so sexy when he was young he’s my idol i love all of Apple’s product

  2. says:

    Hallo, i am the administrator of the german apple fangroup, and i would you to invite to add your picture at our group. Many thanks!

  3. haberlicious says:

    "Hi! I´m the admin of the group "R.I.P Steve Jobs". Would you share this fantastic picture with us?" 278/365 Steve Jobs R.I.P Steve Jobs

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