Steve Jobs Rainbow over Pixar

Steve Jobs Rainbow over Pixar

Image by gromitgirl
Moments after news broke about Steve Jobs’ death, a rainbow popped out of the Pixar campus (taken with my iPhone 4). Rest in peace, Steve, and thank you.

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60 Responses to Steve Jobs Rainbow over Pixar

  1. RIPizzo says:

    Fantastic !!!

  2. HerMorningElegance. says:

    Awww…. so sad… so symbolic!

  3. josh.hofer says:

    [] Good luck with that, they don’t give a damn. sigh. great photo, great moment.

  4. Celso Azevedo Fotógrafo says:

    Beautiful! []

  5. billypilgrimisunstuck says:

    Great. Now i’m crying. Thanks jerk.

  6. embohpokoke says:

    awesome moment

  7. 水 Stormchild says:

    That’s wonderful. :)

  8. Ү says:

    Marvelous capture!

  9. davespics says:

    That is unbelievable!

  10. Bharata Ario says:

    awesome…. :’)

  11. elliotduran says:

    Wow. I’m speechless.

  12. pheezy says:

    What a great photo.

  13. muffett68 ☺☺ says:

    i just got chills!! and weepy

  14. freeloosedirt says:

    And, taken on an iPhone. FTW

  15. KevinKernMusic says:

    One of those rare moments that make us stop in awe. Well done!

  16. fjmt11 says:


  17. aditbobo says:

    RIP Mr. Apple

  18. surangrut2011 says:


  19. catch_the_light says:

    thank you… steve……..

  20. saratonin22 says:

    The rainbow is one of the world’s first symbols of a change agent – fitting tribute to the way Steve has lived, and the legacy he leaves.

  21. iDebbie images says:

    Amazing! RIP Steve! You were a GENIUS!! :)

  22. Shoninzo says:

    There has to be an afterlife… I just know it. Only some phenomena such as this can happen after such tragedy.

  23. giuwah says:

    The coincidence of this is absolutely amazing. Do any of you know of the Rainbow body of light?

  24. dahma says:

    !! awesome…

  25. John Chairez says:

    Nice pic! Congrats

  26. Vasef says:

    This is an indication that Jobs has safely reached heaven. RIP Steve Jobs

  27. john_gilmore says:

    Terrific! RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you!

  28. farhanvsgnk says:

    RIP Steve Jobs

  29. Devesh Bhatta says:

    RIP Gr8 Soul

  30. KinoNash says:

    Sayounara Steve!

  31. paranoidroid says:


  32. hisaki says:

    Thank you Steve for sending Luxo Jr. to me

  33. nophotoshop2009....Is Taking a Break!... says:

    Wow!, this is an Amazing shot, with beautiful colours!… Very well captured!…

  34. westhues says:

    great work! I really like it! If you like please visit my last photo: dragonfly

  35. Ben Peasley Photography A.K.A Spotty Photo says:

    Very sad but so beautiful…

  36. jotKa26...away says:

    how sweet… I’m pretty sure its made of a billion ’s

  37. Sonorov says:

    Steve just entered hyperspace.

  38. neiva.alfaia says:

    Muito lindo parabéns my darling. yes yes. bye :>

  39. AREA Inspections says:

    The Absolute Photo of a Great Visionary!… Thinking Different… Thank you Steve, Rest In Peace.

  40. Monkey_Harris says:

    Great shot.

  41. Indigo Skies Photography says:

    Amazing! Via Today’s Explore at #9 on Fluidr

  42. dslr nl says:

    Here's looking at you StevoSeen on ( ?² )

  43. elyco87 says:

    Goodbye Steve!

  44. gemgirlart says:

    That’s fantastic, glad you captured & shared it :) RIP Steve Jobs ♥

  45. i'm a witch says:

    this is breathtaking, truly

  46. 2darkwings says:

    RIP Steve… and thank you!

  47.  RêveOcéan.... says:

    Now we are Orphan… RIP Steve… Thank you for your Genius… This Rainbow is your Beautiful Last Goodbye, but we shall Meet Again… Everyday When I am in Front of my Mac… Over Pixar, Really ? Too Beautiful, as your Photo.. Thank you…

  48. 錢科(corey5048) says:

    In Taiwan, many Aboriginal believe rainbow is way to heaven when they die. I hope he just crossed that rainbow.

  49. JimbobEdsel says:

    Congrats on the Explore. I love this shot!

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