STEVE JOBS Reexamined

STEVE JOBS Reexamined

A year after his death, Steve Job’s life gets reexamined. This special episode of BOOKD is about Walter Isaacson’s biography, STEVE JOBS, exploring the colossal achievements and intense personality of Apple’s iconic co-founder. Join “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Kroft, “Cult of Mac” editor Leander Kahney, bestselling author Steven Johnson, Guggenheim President Jennifer Stockman, psychologist and author Guy Winch, documentary photographer Doug Menuez, and Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson for a heated discussion on the tech world’s most controversial figure. BOOKD is a series brought to you by THNKR that explores game-changing books through the insights and opinions of engaging personalities. Join the BOOKD forum on Goodreads: Follow @THNKR on Twitter for the latest! Like us on Facebook: Check out what we’re into on Tumblr: SPECIAL THANKS Simon & Schuster, Inc. Front Cover Photo © Albert Watson Back Cover Photo © Norman Seeff Additional photography credits include: Steve Jobs at the Next Computer offices courtesy of Robert Holmgren Steve Jobs with the Apple iPad courtesy of Matt Buchanan Steve Jobs with the MacBook Air courtesy of Matthew Yohe Steve Jobs at the WWDC07 courtesy of Ben Stanfield and Matthieu Riegler Steve Kroft has been a correspondent at “60 Minutes” for over two decades, and he interviewed Walter Isaacson for a segment on STEVE JOBS back in October of 2011, which you can see here: Leander

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  1. ghano93 says:

    apple sucx DICK !!!!!!!! PC OR GTFO!!!!!!

  2. Georgina OBryan says:

    I’m halfway through the very thick, very intense book that has likely captured who Steve Jobs was better than anything out there. He was definitely a very complicated individual with so many layers that only one like him can be produced every so often in time, however, I would have to ask, would Jobs have reached such a pinnacle without Wozniak? I think they both definitely needed eachother and the world is certainly better for it. I didn’t realize how much “THEY” helped revolutionize technology

  3. arjun gahlot says:

    “phsycadelic drugs” !!!!!!! 

  4. zurechtweiser says:

    Who is ‘we’? How many are you? What do you do? Upload ready-made videos you bought? Create them? Elaborate.

  5. AngryPenguin27 says:

    Wish I could have met him. You can buy the book on, for the person who asked.

  6. harpersneil says:

    What a fantastic channel this is! Thanks so much for the uploads, please keep them coming!

  7. zulutheman says:

    “How much did your phone suck before the iPhone?” It sucked really hard. XD

  8. Treeky Galvan says:

    Look at how psychedelic is not bad as it was. If you take just right amount you’re gonna be okay and enlightened yourself.

  9. TheNEMKE says:

    Where can I buy this book? I’m in Europe.. Great video guys!

  10. WARDEATHFUN says:

    its because he is dead. During his lifetime there was more hate on the media than good for awhile xD

  11. pachdoom says:

    niggas idolize this guy……………..

  12. Nicolas Pasqualis says:


  13. thnkrtv says:

    Thanks CriticalCritic91! This means a lot, especially coming from someone as “critical” as you! We’re getting there, 10 million and counting! Help us spread the word and get even more subscribers. Thanks again, THNKR

  14. CriticalCritic91 says:

    How doesn’t you channel have millions of hits?

  15. omicronpony says:

    Is it just me or does he (3:20) sound like steve jobs?

  16. Stormm0 says:

    This video is just a bunch of people saying how great he is. It teaches you nothing.

  17. ViewreelsTV says:

    Fantastic, really inspiring.

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