Steve Jobs talks about managing people

“we are organized like a startups”

13 thoughts on “Steve Jobs talks about managing people

  1. Inspirational. Steve Jobs is a man we should all emulate: Get rid of useless committees, initial start ups, promote structure and teamwork at the top, and place nets outside all the windows so your third-world employees can’t commit suicide to end their meager existence. Genius

  2. yes because if your religion is different you invite debates about the topic. Based on my personal experience on a moslem company in saudi, my moslem coworkers bugged me round the clock about the so-called ‘greatness’ of islam. Of course I lashed back at them because they themselves were bad examples because of their narrow-mindedness and rotten behaviors. How can you work properly and peacefully with coworkers like that? Do you understand what I am saying?

  3. Teamwork and ideas? Allow people to make decisions? Hey come now, these words are coming from Steve Jobs, one of the great micromanagers. It’s his RDF working overtime again.

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