Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Image by aaipodpics
I love it when people post good photos online, I can use for drawing people I’ll probably never meet in my lifetime.

This was only my first attempt at drawing Steve, and although my drawing skills are still poor, it is possible to see it is him, if you have seen the photo. If you’re a fan of Steve Jobs, please be gentle with me. I’ve tried to do my best, and I readily admit I’m not good at drawing people at this moment.

This drawing was made as a self-assignment for the key point: "Think practical, look mostly at your subject." I used this point from Bert Dodson’s book "Keys to Drawing".

I mostly drew from direct observation. However, the hair line was a problem, because it was so far above the eyes. I had to measure on the photo and my drawing what the proportion were. Then there were also small comparisons, e.g. for the angle of the temples of the eyeglasses. Other than that, pure draw-what-you-see.

Although I can see much room for improvement, I’m still quite pleased with the result.

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