Still finding love in turn-based Japanese role-playing games

Still finding love in turn-based Japanese role-playing games
Tune in every Wednesday for thoughts on white-haired villains, giant robots, Infinity+1 swords, and everything else the wonderful world of JRPGs has to offer. When Japanese role-playing games come up in casual conversation, one word that I hear a lot …
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'Borderlands 2': Badass Rank Patch, Next DLC, Claptrap Series, & Ringtones
And for those gamers who have found the DLC to be decidedly devoid of that lovable, single-wheeled robot Claptrap, Gearbox Software has begun rolling out episodes for season 2 of their web series, which focuses specifically on the character's post …
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Crumble Zone
First impressions of Crumble Zone's protagonist (think EVE from Wall-E, but armed with a pea-shooter) don't inspire you with confidence that this little robot could save a planet. Similarly, first impressions of Crumble Zone's gameplay don't suggest …
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