Stolen Bikes UK replaces bike for toddler

(PRWEB UK) 16 April 2013

When Stolen Bikes UK, a service dedicated the helping the victims of bike theft, found out about a three-year old boy had his bike stolen from outside of his house, they quickly came to the rescue replacing the bike. Stolen Bikes UK cant replace everyones bike (as much as they would like to), but it just goes to show that anyone can be a victim of bike theft.

In 2010, 115,147 bikes where reported stolen to the police, with the British Crime Survey estimating that approximately 80% of bike thefts go unreported.*

This is where Stolen Bikes UK comes in. Its a series of websites dedicated to combating bike theft and curbing the rising trend in bike theft, by looking at various issues surrounding bike theft and developing a responsible and free solution. is a website the crowd sources the search for a stolen bike, giving victims the tools to quickly advertise their stolen bike to other cyclists in the area. then assists the victims in searching the major UK online classifieds (Gumtree, eBay and PreLoved) by collecting bikes for sale and putting them into one easily searchable gallery.

Its owner John Moss knows first-hand what it feels like to come home from work and find your pride and joy missing. Having had his bike stolen, and unfortunately like many other bikes, not recovered, he set out to get his own bike and make life hard for bike thieves across the UK.

“I setup these websites after having my own bike stolen. After seeing the drastically low recovery rates I knew that there was something I could do about that as a web developer and that’s how came about,” explains John Moss, Owner.

69% of bikes are stolen from the cyclists home, usually from semi-private areas such as the garage or shed. With a surprising 66% of bikes left unlocked when they were stolen. With a bike stolen every 67 seconds in the UK, costing UK cyclists a whopping

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