Stop Blogging and Start Curating

Stop Blogging and Start Curating
Event on 2013-08-13 18:00:00

Stop Blogging and Start Curating

Presented by Vicki Garcia

Are you blogging yet? Or, if you are, are you sick of trying to write interesting blog posts? Don't have a blog on your website? Don't even have a website? No big deal. There's hope for you. Become a Content Curator!

As a content curator you can create a gorgeous and interesting online magazine that positions you as THE EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD. The best part is it's FREE! It's EASY! And, you don't have to write a word!

We are living an era of content overload. We don't need more writing.  What we need is someone who serves up interesting and relevant content we care about.  A content curator offers high value to anyone looking for quality content because finding that information (and making sense of it) requires more and more time, attention, and focus.

A content curator cherry picks the best content that is important and relevant to share with their community. Guess what? There's a new website on world wide web to make this easy and fun. 

Did I say fun?  Really. 

We're going to show you:

-How to get information on your topic effortlessly served up to you everyday (and, it's not Google Alerts)

-How to create a magazine of your own by pushing a couple of buttons.

-How to add your own content to promote yourself. – How to let the world know about your magazine and get followers.

– How to make it social, get comments, and follow other experts who have their own magazines. The masses don't know about this, so it's fresh and interesting.  Don't let your competitors find out.  Let them blog their little hearts out until they drop over.  YOU will know how to be a content curator and get all the attention. Don't miss out!  RSVP now.  Cancel whatever you might have scheduled and get here. We may never present this again.

Vicki is the CEO of Marketing Impressions, a San Diego based Marketing firm. Vicki believes that business ownership is the ticket to wealth and freedom. She has a passion for supporting business owners. For over 25 years, she has increased her client’s business visibility resulting in dramatically increased customers and sales. It is her job to stay ahead of the curve on all the new marketing tools and pick out the best ones. Her specialties include Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing, as well as tried and true print and television advertising.

Vicki’s clients include the San Diego International Airport, Oceanside Photo & Telescope, Arenson Office Furniture, Pacific Coast Commercial Real Estate, Miramar Autoport, Silverman Fine Jewelry, and many others. She helps big clients and little clients. Her only criteria for assisting a business is that they are committed to trying new marketing tactics and willing building new customer relationships fast.

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