Strategy Bridge Pursuing Systems Engineering Professional Development Opportunities within Federal Government Agencies

Winchester, VA (PRWEB) September 12, 2012

Strategy Bridge International, the leader of systems engineering professional development and strategic planning, is bringing its message of systems engineering and systems thinking to additional government agencies. Systems engineering is the basis of any successful complex project. Strategy Bridge instructor-consultants are passionate about the systems view, not only because the probability of a project’s success, but because it can save taxpayer’s money,” commented Paul AmRhein, Strategy Bridges Vice President for Business Development. “Systems engineering has been integral to Department of Defense and NASA projects for decades and the principles can be applied to any Federal agency. An organization’s long term perspective requires systems thinking.”

Mr. Skip Hall and Mr. AmRhein have been providing government agencies with an overview of the benefits of Systems Engineering in project execution. “It’s eye opening for an executive or manager to explain their current situation and within the context of brief discussion, have a list of areas that they should focus on. And the same system engineering trade study techniques can be applied to nearly every critical or strategic decision,” continued Mr. AmRhein.

“Strategy Bridge has developed tailored systems engineering courses that have been delivered to hundreds of audiences, establishing an industry leading baseline of course materials and certificate programs. These materials can be tailored for each client to include their specific agency processes and terminology,” commented Mr. Hall. Because each audience can have different levels of systems engineering proficiency, Strategy Bridge’s INCOSE certified Expert Systems Engineering Professionals (ESEP) can adjust the discussion to the class’s needs. Students can also use their current project work as assignments during the class, allowing them to immediately apply the lesson topics to real world examples.

Agencies looking for a candid assessment of their systems engineering capability or requiring professional development can contact Strategy Bridge at (540) 732-4242.


Strategy Bridge International ( enables clients to bridge the gap between strategy development and desired operating results through systems thinking, systems engineering, decision analysis, and project management. Strategy Bridge offers facilitated planning workshops and focused consulting to guide strategy and systems development, project planning, and decision-making. Strategy Bridge master instructors average over 25 years of practical on-the-job experience running complex projects and teach a full portfolio of tailored courses designed to improve organizational performance in systems engineering, project management, and leadership.

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