Stratford 360 and The CAP-Ex Group Debut Retention Planning Strategy

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 09, 2013

Facing increasing regulation around Code Section 457(f) as well as increasing public scrutiny, deferred compensation plans are proving to be less favorable for notfor-profit healthcare organizations. Stratford 360 announces a partnership with The CAP-Ex Group that provides an IRS compliant solution that equitably benefits the executive, the sponsoring organization, and the community they serve.

After much research, Stratford determined the CAP-Ex Program to be an ideal alternative funding vehicle, said Drew Erra, Stratford 360 Executive Vice President and Principal, The program has been used successfully in the not-for-profit market for many years, particularly with credit unions, and we believe it will be a valuable solution for our healthcare clients.

IRS regulations continue to pose significant challenges to Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) funding. For the executive, 457(f) deferral of taxation requires a substantial risk of forfeiture; it is subject to market volatility and is taxed as ordinary income in a lump sum at distribution. For the organization, 457(f) has onerous compliance requirements, dual taxation risk and dual 990 reporting.

The CAP-Ex Program is designed to provide the executive or physician with competitive retirement value while mitigating the tax, reporting and compliance risk for the sponsoring organization. The program converts the traditional expenditure for funding the SERP to an interest earning asset that improves the organizations financial position to better serve its community.

About Stratford

With more than 30 years of experience designing, funding, and administering benefits for highly compensated individuals within the healthcare industry, Stratford 360 provides creative, integrated solutions in areas including retirement, insurance, recruitment and retention, benefit cost containment, tax-deferral, and regulatory compliance. Stratford 360 is headquartered in Minneapolis with regional offices in Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco and New Jersey.

About The CAP-Ex Group

The CAP-Ex Group is changing the game for non-profits by transforming the way executive benefits are provided. Guided by a socially responsible approach, the CAP-Ex Program returns all funding dollars of the plan, plus interest, back to the organization while simultaneously providing competitive retirement benefits to retain key talent. Comprised of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in healthcare, corporate development, and financial services, The CAP-Ex Group delivers turnkey solutions complete with program implementation and ongoing client services.

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