strongbox magazine

strongbox magazine

Image by the past tends to disappear

Thank you Strong box for publishing my work in you Magazine!

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9 Responses to strongbox magazine

  1. Domingo Mery says:

    Bellisima foto!!!

  2. Anne ☆ STA / on says:

    amazing image

  3. DTBの写真撮影 says:

    Great photo and congratulations!

  4. fotosdecesar says:

    Excelente composición con esta reliquia.-

  5. macwagen says:

    Thanks for contributing your awesome work!

  6. Ecinquantotto says:

    nice work ! [ via Ecinquantotto’s contacts on flickriver  —Ecinquantotto ]

  7. =Deanlobs Images= says:

    Such a neat photo and to think I used such a typewriter.

  8. fairysquishercolleen says:

    Very cool!

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