Studio View: Painter David Humphrey

Studio View: Painter David Humphrey
It's not cement, but a psychedelic enigma from the interior of the machine. These hallucinatory dreams or thought bubbles of consciousness make a kind of painting on the road. "The spaceman represents the role of the artist who encounters something in …
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This Is Your Brain on Freestyle Rap
Researcher Ho Ming Chow uses an fMRI machine to scan the brain of hip-hop artist Mike Eagle. Click to enlarge this image. Daniel Rizik-Baer. In the worldwide cultural juggernaut that is hip-hop, … What this means is that freestylers enter a "flow …
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Gaza Tunnels
Gaza's tunnels became imprinted on the Israeli public consciousness in 2006, when a group of Hamas-affiliated militants emerged in Israel near a border crossing and abducted Cpl. Gilad Shalit. Shalit became the … Israel makes it extremely difficult …
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